Croatia as never seen before

Living on the Balkans has its good and bad sides. A good part of it is that you are able to travel every other weekend to a different place with a different feeling and atmosphere. The amazing places that you can reach stretching to some 500 km any direction (at most!) do not end. Ever. In your whole life. A bad side is that you are somewhere in the ranking

Camping in Bulgaria - a river, a mountain, a dog and two hammocks

The day a friend of ours asked us to take care of his dog for the weekend, we had already decided to spend it camping somewhere around Sofia. And the dog made our plan even nicer.   Friday – take the dog, do some grocery shopping and get some sleep before the weekend He brought us the dog with his food for a couple of days and no toys as

4 things to do in Lisbon when you have only half a day in town

Where is Portugal and how come everybody ignores this amazing country?   Portugal is one of the countries that you never get enough of. I have been there only once and it has conquered such a big piece of my heart! I am almost (it’s an important almost though) ready to say ‘No’ to some destinations if I could change them for Portugal. Living in Europe I can say that

Amsterdam - to coffeeshop or not to coffeeshop

We got published in Australia We are happy to say that our article was published by the Australian online travel magazine The article is about our trip to Amsterdam. You can take a look at our view towards one of the most ambiguous places we have been to. Check it out.